LeftShift talks to the BBC

LeftShift’s David Silverstone talks to the BBC about software problems at The Royal Bank of Scotland. David told the BBC this sort of incident suggested that planning and testing needed to be more robust.

LeftShift talks to IBM

David Silverstone talks about how LeftShift have been using IBM’s Rational tool suite to enable early and continuous testing, empowering organisations to:

  • Eliminate testing delays
  • Deliver high quality software
  • Avoid late stage big bang integration issues

LeftShift talk about Barclays

LeftShift’s Mark Smith and David Silverstone talk to IBM about how they delivered Barclays Global Payments Replacement on Time:

  • Avoiding a 3 Month Delay
  • Saving £30M in Burn Costs


Experts in Service Virtualization

Delivering Fast, Efficient and Reliable IT Change That:

  • Reduces Risk
  • Saves Money
  • Increases Technology Quality

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Adept Managed Delivery

Let us manage your IT change with our Adept Managed Delivery solution:

  • Proven to accelerate IT change by up to 50%
  • Save up to 30% off the critical path
  • Reduce burn rate

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What we do

LeftShift are uniquely automating IT delivery. We have a 100% success rate working for organisations such as Barclays, Etihad and Coke to deliver committed efficiencies, to the highest quality, in the most complex of landscapes. We provide industry best practices to produce a tailored solution roadmap to consistently achieve fast, safe and sustainable IT change. Using our unique and proven framework, methodology and market-leading technology we have helped over 100 global organisations execute that roadmap to successfully deliver demonstrable ROI within months. We leave behind a repeatable and sustainable capability that leaves you independent and self-sufficient. LeftShift have experience and expertise in ensuring organisations hit their most critical deadlines in complex landscapes, every time; keeping you truly open and proactive to change, and ultimately competitive.

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